Fluidity by DesignLibero | InDesign TriFold

For this project I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, and what more out of the ordinary than a Dish Drying Rack that grows plants, right? I found this product while browsing through Instagram and immediately drew my attention, its made by an Italian Design studio called DesignLibero. What drew them to create something so unique was the monotony and lack of variations that this type of product has. I always been a fan of plants, and for me to see this kind of product it was revolutionary, I’ve never seen something like it, so that’s why I decide to make my brochure about it and what better way to promote it than this. Since the product itself is focused on growing herbs I knew I wanted my tri fold to feel very fresh, I began by choosing a color palette that would give out that look so I made it mostly out of different tones of green. I knew a sans serif font would give my brochure that clean look I was looking for, so I picked Helvetica Neue as my main font, I played with its different weights to give some variations to my Headers, subheads, and body. I made use of a 9×6 grid to help me position my text and give structure to my content. I also made use of a table which I created for specific information about the product like materials, designers and year of production. And finally for my die cut I knew I wanted something that could stand out but be simple at the same time, so I made a diagonal cut in the top and bottom part of my front page, letting the image of the product behind peek through.

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